How To Keep What You “Earn” After A Steroid Cycle

All too often people will go “all-out” at the gym when performing a steroid cycle and some even go as far as to eat flawlessly too – thinking that these vital elements alone will equate to guaranteed gains, they then completely overlook the need for using the best PCT products at their disposal.

What many fail to realise is that it’s actually this post usage window that delivers the majority of the results. Depending on what you’re taking, it’s easy to fall prey to the illusion that you’ve done better than you really think you have.

How To Keep What You Earn After A Steroid Cycle

No Substance

Some of the most powerful items out there are capable of making you gain anywhere between 20 – 30 lbs of mass within as little as a 6 week time frame.

This seems great on paper, but what you need to realise is that at least half of this mass is simply going to be water and fat. As for the rest? It’s certainly going to be muscle, but you’ll need to fight hard to keep it anchored onto your frame when you cease to use your chosen product any more.

See – the body doesn’t really “like” to develop and keep muscle. It requires a great deal of caloric expenditure to maintain after all, and it’s more of a “nuisance” to your body than a benefit.

For this reason, a rapid surge in fat free mass might take place DURING your cycle, but it’ll take more than simply eating plenty of the right food and performing resistance training to keep it in place afterwards.

The Right Stuff

An annoying adverse effect of using products like this is that they suppress the release of your natural testosterone levels. Test is crucial for not only maintaining, but also further developing mass.

This suppression doesn’t take place mid-usage though, it’s only when you come “off” a product that it sets in. This is largely because the body has begun to “rely” on a “foreign” body to keep its hormone levels in place.

This means that as soon as you come off and these levels dip, you stand a really high chance of losing the gains you’ve made (probably not all of them, but at least some.)

You can easily counteract this negative trait of using substances by integrating products to boost your test count (including testosterone itself) and maintain an anabolic atmosphere in the process.

Another potential issue is that your estrogen levels are likely to be fairly high, in itself this can lead to the diminishment of what little test you do naturally have available at this point.

By combining anti estrogenic support with a test boosting agent you’re going to maximise your chances of solidifying the development you’ve made on cycle.

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Don’t Skip PCT

Those who possess the best physiques know how important this post usage window is. Some even deem it to be more important than the cycle itself.

If you’ve ever met anyone who claims that they simply can’t get the results they’re looking for from using anabolic agents, or they’ve got a history of experiencing residual issues when integrating them – it’s likely that they totally neglected the PCT phase, and paid the price in terms of adverse health issues and a lack of results in the process.

Don’t join the above crowd of unfulfilled “users” – you can easily join the elite ranks by applying yourself to the simple PCT procedure. In fact; it’s vital that you do.

The potential consequences aren’t just aesthetic, and you might permanently damage your health without taking the appropriate care after using an item within this niche.