How To Build Muscle Working at Home Without Going to the Gym

Turning Your Home Into A Well Oiled Muscle Building Gym: Learn How To Build Muscle Working at Home Without Going to the Gym

There is an abundance of individuals throughout the world that desire to get fit and bulk up. Unfortunately, only a small number of these people will ever accomplish those goals.

There are so many things that can get into the way of your success that it is often easier to give up than it is to push through your obstacles and overcome your struggles.

One of the most annoying aspects of building muscles is the need to hit the gym. A gym membership can be incredibly expensive and the drive back and forth is definitely unpleasant. The good news is that working out at home can be very effective and more enjoyable than you might imagine.

How To Build Muscle Working at Home Without Going to the Gym

If you wish to acquire your ideal body, without a gym membership and without being forced to spend excessively on equipment, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll learn how to get into shape at home, without expensive equipment.

Set Realistic Goals

As mentioned above, there are numerous things that can get in the way of your success. Failing to remain motivated is definitely one of the most common. One of the best ways to avoid a lack of motivation is by setting goals for yourself.

Be sure to figure out how much you can realistically achieve within a week or a month and jot it down. Once the duration has passed and you’ve managed to meet your requirements, you’ll feel proud of what you’ve achieved.

This will give you more motivation to set harder goals and continue plowing forward, until you’ve finally obtained your dream body.

Starting Slow

Many of those that are new to exercising and working out make the mistake of jumping right in. This can prove to be very problematic for several reasons.

The most notable is that failing to properly warm up your body’s muscles can substantially increase the risk of injury. Before you jump on the treadmill or begin bench pressing those weights, you need to take the time to prepare your body. First and foremost, you’ll want to stretch all of the muscles in your body.

Even if you’re only going to be focusing on the legs or arms, it is pertinent to prepare for entire body for the stress it is about to endure.

Secondly, it is generally a good idea to perform a short stint of cardio, before hitting the weights. Cardio is a good way to warm up the muscles, while also burning calories, so you can build learn muscle.

Make A Routine

Many people will not have access to a lot of fitness equipment and this is fine. The key is to simplify your workout routine, while targeting each portion of the body.

Remember that you can easily replicate dumbbells, by utilizing household items. Grab the milk jug or do some pushups. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, in order to achieve your goals.

It is truly essential to compile a routine, which targets all of the muscle groups, including those in the chest, legs, arms, and the core.

Remember that certain exercises can be manipulated slightly to target a different portion of the body. By altering your positioning, while performing pushups, you’ll be able to build different portions of the triceps or biceps.

Once you’ve managed to formulate a solid routine, you’ll want to stick with it. This is the difficult part, but failing to follow through will only result in your failure in the long run.

Home Exercise Equipment

How To Build Muscle Working at Home Without Going to the Gym

If you are ready to transform your body from drab to beautiful, you are going to need exercise equipment. Of course, you can always head off to the gym every morning, why do this, when you can work out in the comfort of your own home.

For a beginner, it can be difficult to exercise in a crowded gym, since almost everyone that hangs out in these facilities are slim and trim. Once you decide to make this transformation, you will need to start shopping.

  • Adjustable Dumbbells – are a necessity for accomplishing a full range of exercises. By investing in the adjustable model, you will be able to select a 2.5-pound dumbbell and work your way up to the 50 pound.You will find an unlimited array of these products on the market, so you may need to do a bit of research on each brand, before purchase.
  • Weight Bench – is one of the most important exercise machines and you are going to need one. You can purchase these for a very affordable price at any sports or retail store, but make sure that it is adjustable, so that you can utilize it for various forms of exercises.
  • PullUp Bar – is not necessarily something that you will need in the beginning of your workout, but you will later on.
  • Kettle Ball – is available in various sizes and they are very affordable.
  • Gym Mat – will definitely be needed, because you will be doing a lot of exercises, while lying and sitting on the floor.

 Your home gym should be filled with the necessities that will enhance your performance in every aspect. This equipment does not need to cost a fortune, but it does need to be durable enough to ensure longevity.

Core Exercises

How To Build Muscle Working at Home Without Going to the Gym

While, you may think the core only involves the abs, this is a huge misconception. The core actually consists of a variety of middle and lower body muscles, including the erector spine, multifidus, transverse abdominis, hip flexors, and gluteus medius/minimus/maximus.

Don’t forget the hip adductors, external and internal obliques. There are many different types of exercises that will strengthen the core muscles, but it will take a lot of work and dedication to reach your goal of a strong core.

A list of core exercises is listed below to help you get started strengthening your entire core.

  • V-sits
  • Push ups
  • Hip lift
  • Oblique twist
  • Lunge with twist
  • Superman
  • Side plank and plank on a balance ball
  • Back bridge

Of course, this is only to name a few. It is crucial to begin with a low repetition, working your way up to full workout.

Cardio Exercises

Building your cardio will be a challenging task, especially in the beginning. Many professional athletes prefer to build their cardio, with running and jogging exercises, there are other exercises that you can do, as well. You will find a list of cardio exercises listed below to help you get started in trying to reach your goal.

  • High knee kicks
  • Jumping jacks
  • Run-in-place
  • Mountain climbers
  • Burpees
  • Uppercuts
  • Side-to-side jumps
  • Plank jacks
  • Long jumps
  • Step jumps (working each leg)
  • Lateral step-overs

These exercises can be done right in the comfort of your own home, so you do not get embarrassed in front of the neighbors.

Plan Your Diet

It is nearly impossible to lose weight or bulk up, unless you dedicate yourself to the lifestyle. Living healthy is pertinent. Not only do you need to drop your bad habits, such as smoking, drinking and staying up all night long, but also you’ll need to begin healthy a healthier diet.

Many people believe that it is best to plan a diet, which consists of lower calories, but this isn’t always the case. A lower calorie diet will help you lose weight, but it may not sufficiently provide your body with all of the need nutrients. In fact, your diet might leave you feeling drained and lethargic.

With this in mind, you’ll want to consume a good amount of protein. This is a no-brainer, since the protein will help your body develop muscles much more rapidly. You may also want to consider increase your carb intake.

Carbohydrates have a bad reputation, but they can help you gain muscle faster, while also speeding up your recovery time.

By combining the right diet with the appropriate exercises, your ideal body will be easier to achieve than you could ever imagine.

Build Self-Control

Unfortunately, working out at home can have a few minor drawbacks. The most notable is the fact that you’ll be able to remain comfortable in your home. You won’t feel the pressure that you would, when running alongside a colleague at the gym. When exercising at home, you may feel inclined to stop and give up easier.

You might also find yourself hitting the refrigerator a little too frequently. These problems wouldn’t be relevant, if you were attending the gym. With this in mind, you’ll really need to work on your self-control, in order to achieve your goals from home.

Hang a picture of yourself on the refrigerator and put a picture of a bodybuilder beside of it. This will be a dire warning and will stop you from eating more than you really should. It might be hard to build your self-control, but this step is definitely a necessity.


At the end of the day, it is easily possible to achieve a great deal, while working out and exercising at home. In some cases, remaining at home is beneficial, but it can also have some drawbacks.

As long as you fully dedicate yourself and remain loyal to your original plan, you’ll be able to achieve your end goals no matter where you decide to perform your exercises.