10 Best Adjustable Dumbbells of 2017

The world is beginning to take a turn towards fitness and exercise and thanks to Adjustable Dumbbells Set, it is best adjustable dumbbells reviewsnow easy to get started. Obviously, staying fit is an important part of everyday life and overall health. In order to avoid disease, fatigue and obesity, daily (or weekly) exercise is integral.

While cardiovascular exercises are crucial for burning calories, losing weight and improving your endurance, strength training is equally as important.

Top 10 Best Adjustable Dumbbells of 2017

Before you choose that Dumbbell Set, it is good you put this into consideration. Each dumbbell can be quickly adjusted, has a Unique dial system and Comes with 2+ years Warranty. Here is our comparison table of the Best Adjustable Weight Set to choose from.

Serial Nos.Product Nameslb in lbsReviewsBrands 
#1XMark Adjustable Dumbbell5 lbsReviewXMarkView Price
#2StairMaster Pair of TwistLock Dumbbells5 lbsReviewStairMasterView Price
#3PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells2.5 lbsReviewPowerblockView Price
#4Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbell System2.5 lbsReviewIronmasterView Price
#5Bowflex SelectTech 10905 lbsReviewBowflexView Price
#6Bowflex SelectTech 5522.1 lbsReviewBowflexView Price
#7Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell (BF-1050)5 lbsReviewBayouView Price

Best Adjustable Dumbbells

In fact, many fitness experts recommend adding weight lifting to your current regimen. With the appropriate amount of weights, you can greatly improve your weight loss, while improving your balance, heart health and bone strength. Of course, there is a major misconception that strength training requires expensive equipment, fancy weights and an extravagant machine, but this is simply not the case. With Adjustable Dumbbells!

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Introducing Adjustable Dumbbell Set

Best Adjustable Dumbbells

With adjustable dumbbells, you receive a customized workout each time you pick up the weights. This simple, but efficient solution to strength training offers a quick and effortless way to adjust the amount of weight you wish to lift.

These plates can easily be attached or removed from the dumbbell, in order to increase or lighten the load. The process is quick, which will allow you to jump from one exercise to another, without the need to remove weight clips, which are common with other similar products. Of course, there are a variety of benefits and an equal number of different brands to choose from. Below, you will discover the benefits of this equipment, when compared to others.

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Introducing Dumbbells
Overall Cost
Customized Workout
Ease and Convenience
Dumbbells Styles
Things to Consider, Before Buying Dumbbell set
Bowflex Dumbbells
PowerBlock Dumbbells
IronMaster Dumbbells
StairMaster Dumbbells
Bayou Fitness Dumbbells
XMark Dumbbells
Overall Review of Dumbbells

Overall Cost

Depending on your budget and the amount you’re willing to spend, it is possible to find the best adjustable dumbbells for as little as three hundred dollars. If you’re interested in splurging and spending a little more, you’re looking at a price tag of five hundred dollars or more.

Although the price might seem a little costly, at first glance, it is actually not, when compared to a recurring gym membership, or the cost of other exercise equipment. Since the weights are adjustable, they can be used by a variety of different people, who range in strength levels. Therefore, they can be shared among several different individuals, which makes the price even friendlier.

A Customized WorkoutBowflex-SelectTech-552-Adjustable-Dumbbells-Pair

In the days, before adjustable dumbbell set, an individual would need to purchase and utilize anywhere from five to ten different pieces, in order to account for different weights.

Unless you have a lot of storage space, this is simply not ideal. With dumbbell set, there is no longer a need for excess equipment. Instead, the intensity of the workout can be customized, within a matter of seconds. You have one bar and a set of plates, instead of several different dumbbells sitting around waiting to be tripped over. Regardless of experience level, any user can effortlessly change the overall weight and find a workout that suits their specific needs.

Ease and Convenience

As technology has improved, new ideas have been developed, which has made life easier and more convenient. This is the motivation factor behind these products. Regardless of your living area, you can perform your strength training exercises with these weights, since they’re small, compact and can be easily stored.

This is certainly not the case, with older dumbbells, where you would need a large number of them for individual weights. In fact, it would be more than possible to store dumbbells out of view, within your closet, until you’re ready to exercise. Of course, switching from one weight to another has never been easier. You could sit at your computer, or in front of your television, and build the muscles in your arms, without even standing up.

The Styles

Best Adjustable Dumbbells

When attempting to purchase these weights, you will instantly notice that there are several different styles to choose from. The specific style you select will come with its very own range of affordability and convenience. Therefore, you will need to make a decision based on your particular situation and budget, but it is wise to get an understanding of each individual type, before moving forward.

1. The Dial: Some of these dumbbells will be equipped with a dial, which can be turned in one way or another. Obviously, the dial is used to select the amount of weight that you desire. These weights generally sit atop a stand, with a convenient holder. Once you’ve selected your desired weight, you can simply life the dumbbell and you will be granted your wish. The other weights will simply stay in place on the stand. Although this is the most convenient variety, you will likely spend a much greater amount of cash for them.

2. The Spinning Lock: If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, you’ll want to select these. This type is generally more common and a little less convenient, but you won’t go broke buying them. The bar will come with a variety of circular weights, which can be added. A spinning lock is attached, in order to hold your desired weight into place. When you wish to remove or add plates, you’ll need to unspin the lock first. The process will need to be completed in reserve, in order to lock everything into place.

3. The Selector Pin: Last, but not least, you have the selector pin sets, which are somewhat moderate in terms of cost and convenience. These are much more similar to the dial dumbbells, but they use a pin, instead of a dial. Once the pin has been put in place, you will be able to simply lift and use the dumbbells. Of course, the pin mechanism isn’t always as reliable, as the dial and you may experience the plates coming loose, while you workout. Although these aren’t as cheap, as the spinning lock dumbbells, they are slightly more convenient.

Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews

All in all, Bowflex is one of the leading names in sports and exercise equipment. For as little as three hundred bucks, you can rid your home of clutter, by switching to the Select Tech Adjustable Dumbbells. This specific set combines a total of fifteen dumbbells into one slick and convenient dumbbell. Bowflex-SelectTech-552-Adjustable-Dumbbells-Pairs

With these, you receive a dial system, which can easily be used to switch the overall amount of weight. With the Select Tech 552, you can lift a little over fifty pounds, while adjusting the weights by as little as two and a half pounds. The product comes with a two-year warranty, which covers the plates and parts.

Unlike some similar products, the Bowflex adjustable dumbbells also come with a weight tray. This is very convenient and will provide you with a nice place to store your weights, without having to purchase an additional stand. The only negative is the overall size of the product, which may prevent some from making their purchase.

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PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews

When you see a set of PowerBlock Dumbbells, you will instantly be able to recognize them.  PowerBlock-50-Plus-Dumbbell-Set

Although they’re available in a variety of different styles, the PowerBlock 50 Plus set is a wonderful addition to any home gym. The weights can be effortlessly adjusted from five to fifty pounds, which a variety of different weight increments.

In fact, if you’re concerned about finding an exact weight, this is definitely your best choice, since it offers eighteen individual weight increments. The product condenses and slims down eighteen pairs of dumbbells into one convenient package.

The overall design might appear wacky and strange, but it is actually very convenient and easy to store. The ten-year home use warranty is outstanding and makes the $230 price tag look even better. Some will be put off by the overall square design, since it can restrict the movement of your wrist, during workouts, but this is a good set at the right price for anyone, who is comfortable with fifty pounds or less.

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IronMaster Dumbbells Review

While the IronMaster dumbbells share some similarities, with those of the PowerBlock brand, they’re actually very Ironmaster-75-lb-Quick-Lock-Adjustable-Dumbbell-System-with-Standdifferent. The design may be similar, at first glance, but the two products offer a unique experience.

With these hex dumbbells, you receive much more room for your hands, instead of having to stick them between a strange pillar, which tends to be the case with the PowerBlock. A major plus of this set is the fact that it includes a well-designed stand. The design is very efficient and you will not notice any rattling form the plates, during use.

Overall, the weights can be adjusted, by as little as two and half to five pound increments, which offers plenty of options. The warranty, which covers a lifetime, certainly makes up for the cost of the product. The included stand is also nice and will only take up approximately two square feet of space, within your home or apartment.

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StairMaster Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews

If you’re looking for convenience, you’ve found it with the StairMaster dumbbells, which offer a convenient change of weight that can be done, without removing your hand from the dumbbell. StairMaster-Pair-of-TwistLock-Adjustable-Dumbbells-100-Pounds-Review

Simply place it back in the dock, adjust the weight and go back to work. The unique and effortless design makes it possible to visibly determine your overall weight, at anytime, by glancing at the weight selection window on each.

Safety is another outstanding characteristics of these dumbbells, since weights cannot be changed, until the dumbbell’s handle is placed back in the dock. The comfortable, soft handles will allow you to lift weights, without the need for gloves. The dumbbells are definitely unique, stylish and high quality, but the service might not live up to your standards.

The slightly limited two-year warranty may be enough to turn some people away from the StairMaster dumbbells – Full Review

Bayou Fitness Dumbbells Review

Before you attempt to purchase these dumbbells, you should recognize that they’re sold individually, instead of in a pair. Bayou-Fitness-Pair-of-Adjustable-Dumbbells-Reviews

This will instantly make some look the other way, but the dumbbells are convenient and can be used in any home or apartment. The weight increments are somewhat limited, as they only offer changes of five pounds, from ten to fifty pounds.

Of course, adjusting the weight is easy enough and can be done, with the adjustment knob. Sadly these dumbbells are very limited, when it comes to manufacturer’s warranty, which only covers a one-year period.

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XMark Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews

XMark-Adjustable-Dumbbell-Available-singles-or-PairThe XMark Dumbbells offer the customer a little bit of choice, since you can purchase a set or a single dumbbell. With the set, you will receive two, which weigh up to twenty-five pounds each.

This might be perfect for some exercises, but others will need a little something more. In this case, you’ll need to purchase two individual fifty-pound dumbbells, which cost a little over $150 a piece.

The weight increments are definitely limited and go up by ten pounds, at a time. However, the design and ease of adjustment is very unique and effective. Changing the weight can be done, by simply sliding a lever. Sadly, the warranty, which lasts one year and covers all parts, is somewhat lacking.

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When it comes down to it, adjustable dumbbells are much more convenient, effective and overall a better purchase than traditional dumbbells. However, you’ll need to research and read reviews for the individual brands, before you make your decision and eventually your purchase.

Tips For Creating A Home Gym Easily And Affordably

home gym equipments

There are millions of consumers all around the world that would love to be able to shed a few pounds. In order to achieve their goals, these individuals will need to make one of two choices. They can sign up for a gym members and pay regularly or they can create their own home gym.

There are benefits associated with both, but a home gym will be permanent and will not require the consumer to pay monthly or yearly. Unfortunately, putting together the perfect home gym will be a little more difficult than you might imagine. Below, you will find tips for creating the perfect home gym.

Selecting A Room

First and foremost, you will need to find a suitable room for your gym. Obviously, your bedroom or bathroom isn’t going to cut it. You need a sufficient amount of space for your workout equipment. Also, it is generally a good idea to choose a room with a few windows. The window will allow you to stare at Mother Nature and remain concentrated throughout your workout. Putting a mirror on one wall is also recommended. The mirror can be used to keep a close eye on your lifting technique, so you can avoid injuries.

Consider An Exercise Mat

A lot of exercises need to be completed on a level surface. Most will utilize the floor to keep them stable when performing pushups and sit-ups. It is important to remember that the floor can be very hard and could hurt your spine. Avoid injuries and pain by investing in an exercise or yoga mat. Be sure to choose a mat that can be rolled up and stored away after the workout has concluded.

This will ensure you can finish your exercises, roll up the mat and store it out of the way. And of course, the mat will provide you with a more comfortable surface for your sit-ups and other exercises.

Invest In Dumbbells

Best Adjustable Dumbbells

A comprehensive workout will be essential. You’ll want to work your cardio and strength simultaneously, so you can lose the weight and build lean muscle. A good set of dumbbells is a necessity. Although there are numerous types of dumbbells, adjustable dumbbells will be more suitable for the majority of consumers.

This equipment is much more compact and won’t clog up your workout space. Just make sure you find the most durable and reliable adjustable dumbbells, so they will last for many years.

Buy A Stability Ball

Stability Ball

You may also want to consider investing in a stability ball. This particular piece of equipment can be immensely beneficial for various activities. It will give you the ability to enhance your balance, rectify spine alignment and improve circulation. The ball can also be very helpful for building the core muscles. If you want to develop 6-pack abs, a stability ball will certainly be a good investment. And after the workout has concluded, the ball can always be used as a chair.

The Versatile Resistance Band

best resistance band

Many consumers will have limited space and a restrictive budget. This may prevent them from investing in a whole bunch of weights. The resistance band is a good alternative. The resistance band is very lightweight and can be stored away very easily. Utilization of the resistance band can aid in the development of muscle strength, while also leading to diminished body fat. And of course, these bands are very versatile, so they can be used to work an array of muscle groups.

An Elliptical Trainer

elliptical trainer

Every home gym needs an elliptical trainer for cardiovascular exercises. This machine is very affordable, with an unlimited array available on the market. Know your budget, before you go out there and purchase an elliptical, because you will want to invest in one of the top brands. The great benefit of this machine is its versatility and flexibility rating. Not only can you preset a suitable resistance level, but you can also choose a speed that is suitable for your athleticism.

The elliptical is extremely easy to operate and maneuver. The large pedals are embedded with grooves that will keep your feet steady throughout the workout. Your legs will be busy gliding back and forth, while your arms are pushing and pulling the handles. This machine is much easier on the joints than a treadmill and much easier to control. It may take a while, before you build up your aerobic capacity.


best treadmill for home

Your home gym will not be complete with a treadmill. This exercise machines is capable of building aerobic capacity. In fact, it is one of the most effective types of cardio equipment. The treadmill’s interface is very flexible, providing you with an array of built-in training modes, adjustable inclines and speeds. All beginners should start out walking, upgrading to jogging and eventually running. Not only will the treadmill improve your aerobic capacity, but it will also help you burn more calories than other types of home gym equipment.

One of the major factors that you must consider when shopping for a new treadmill is the cushioning system. The higher quality the cushioning system, the less stress and force will be placed on the joints, with each step. If you suffer from arthritis or back pain, be sure to choose a best treadmill, with a superior cushioning system.

Fan And Water Bottle

Many beginners do not give much thought to comfort during a workout. You would be surprised with how much heat your body can produce. For this reason, you will need to add a fan to your home gym. The fan will help improve the air circulation in the room and keep your body cooler. There are many different fans on the market, but many athletes find the large, circular floor fan more suitable for a gym. Invest in a water bottle, because you will need to stay hydrated during the workout.

Consider A Foam Roller

Whether you’re new to working out or you’ve been at it for many years, there will come a time when your muscles cramp. You’ll suffer from muscle tension and this will make it difficult to move freely. The foam roller can help. This incredibly affordable accessories can be used to massage those sore muscles, while also strengthening the core muscles.

Gym Clothes

It is essential to remember that you’re going to get filthy and sweaty when working out. With this in mind, you’ll want to make sure you wear the most appropriate clothing. Compression shorts are a good idea. Make sure your clothing is cool and comfortable. Proper fit is also pertinent. If the clothing is too baggy, they may restrict your movement. Your clothing should aid your workout and not restrict your movement in any way.