PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells 2017 Review

When I first started my search for the perfect adjustable dumbbells, I must say that I wanted a product that would offer me convenience and longevity. I also wanted something that would stick out above the rest and impress my gym pals, so that is how I finally made my selection, which was the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells.

PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells 2017 Review

Below you will discover the advantages and disadvantages of the PowerBlock Dumbbells product along my very own personal review.

PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells

Weight Flexibility

It is never easy to find a dumbbell set that will offer you a large weight range. You have so many different weight options to choose from, with the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells including:

  • 50 Pound Set
  • 70 Pound Set
  • 90 Pound Set
  • 50-70 Pound Expansion Set

With the weight flexibility options, you will surely find the perfect poundage that will suit every exercise, in your workout regimen. While the price is high, you must remember that one dumbbell set will replace 16 of your old traditional dumbbells. That factor is quite extension, when you think about it.

Eye Appealing

PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells

Like I said before, I wanted something that would catch the eye of my workout buddies. The beautiful exterior design and multi-colored weight chart will definitely catch the eye of everyone. The cube design is unique and cannot be compared to the competitor brand. If you are in search of something that will make your friend’s jaws drop, do not pass up the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells for anything!

Weight Plate Placement

Once you have selected your weight preference, the plates will be set inside of the dumbbell, but not tightly. This is a genuine downside, but the noise can easily be alleviated with your favorite tunes. The rattling you are aware of this disadvantage, before you pay for these expensive dumbbells.

PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells Video Review

Firm Grip Handle

The handle is set deep inside of the dumbbell. While this may potentially cause issues with individuals that have a short reach or arm extension, it will not affect individuals that have a long reach. The handle is very sturdy and offers a strong grip, so that they do not slip out of your grasp, while you are lifting them.

Magnetic Pins

There is no lever or adjustable knob that allows you to select your weight preference instead you will have a magnetic pin feature. The PowerBlock pin must be placed firmly between the slots perfectly. You may have to get down on eye level of the dumbbells, in order to perform this task correctly. Take the time that is required to complete the adjustment precisely, so that the weights do not come loose and cause a mishap.

This is where the stand will come in handy, because it will allow you to do this easier and more efficiently.


When I chose to buy the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells, I chose the 50 pound package, simply because I was only an average athlete. I am genuinely glad that I did, because it allowed me to build up my muscle strength, before I purchased the add-on set. If you take care of these spectacular dumbbells, you will receive many years of service from them, as I have.

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