Strength Training Exercises For Women And No Equipment

The Best Strength Training Exercises For Women And No Equipment

As a woman, you’ll definitely want to lose weight and get into shape. Most women will perform cardio workouts, while ignoring strength training exercises and hoping to lose weight and slim down.

Although these workouts will definitely help to achieve that goal, it is vital to incorporate strength training into your workout routine. Strength training can be very advantageous for an array of reasons.

Not only will it help to perfectly sculpt your arms, legs and stomach, but it’ll also help to reduce your chances of developing diabetes.

And the benefits do not stop there! Strength training can effectively enhance your overall health, while decreasing blood pressure and improving your cholesterol levels.

Strength Training Exercises For Women

Suffice to say, you should most certainly add a little bit of strength building to your workout routine, even if you have no intention of transforming into the Incredible Hulk. Many people will have the misconception that strength training requires dumbbells and other equipment.

Strength Training Exercises For Women And No Equipment

This isn’t the case. By reading below, you’ll learn about some exercises, which require no equipment and can be carried out in the privacy of your own home.

Great Creative

Working out from home can be very advantageous for various reasons. However, if you do not have a home gym or lack equipment, you’ll need to think outside of the box to achieve your goals. In order to replicate the weights, you’ll need to utilize household items or your own bodyweight.

Pushups and pullups can help and you’ll definitely want to look in your refrigerator, as well as in your shelves. Do you have any soup cans, which can resemble the weight of dumbbells? How about a gallon of milk? Remember that you’re working out inside of your home, so nobody will be able to watch.

Don’t be afraid to work out in a nonconventional manner.

Items To Use For Strength Training Exercises For Women

Truly, the possibilities are endless and you’ll want to use your imagination to see precisely what you can conjure up. As long as you’re able to find items, which are heavy and can be carried conveniently, you’ll be able to utilize them to your advantage.

Filling up an empty bag is one possibility. You can also use empty jugs or bottles. Fill these items with rocks or sand to make them heavy enough to serve the purpose.

Using water is another option, but you’ll want to be careful and make sure the lid remains on the jug securely or you’ll wind up making a mess.

Split Squat

Split Squat exercise

Split Squat exercise

The split squat is a pretty simple workout, but do not let that fool you, because it is incredibly effective. This simple workout will work your calves and quads in one single motion. When you develop these muscles, it helps with your balance and everyone can use a little better balance.

This workout will start in the staggered standing position with your left foot in front of your right foot. To perform this workout, you will lower your body as far as you can.

Your back knee should almost touch the ground, as you are executing this maneuver. It is also important that you keep your upper body as straight as possible.

Once your rear knee is almost at the ground, you want to hold that pose for just a second and then rise back up as fast as you can. You can also alternate this exercise by starting with your right foot in front of your left foot.

Pistol Squat

Pistol Squat exercise

Pistol Squat exercise

This workout is a bit more challenging, because you are going to have to multi-task. However, the multi-tasking of this exercise targets your gluteus, abs, quads, hamstrings, and lower back. If you are able to master this maneuver, you will be able to perform a regular squat with ease.

To start this workout, you want to make sure that you are in the standing position with your arms held straight out at shoulder level.

Now, raise your right leg off the floor and hold it in that position for about 15 seconds. It is also important to keep the right leg as straight as possible. Once, in this position you want to squat as low to the ground as possible.

While doing this you are going to extend your right leg out, so that it does not touch the ground. When you reach the lowest squatting position, you want to pause there and then raise your body back up to the starting position.

You can also alternate this workout by raising your left leg off the floor rather than your right leg.

Push Up

Push Up exercise for women

Push Up exercise

The push up is a very popular workout that everyone has heard of. The best thing about this workout is that is can be performed just about anywhere.

With that being said, there are so many that perform this workout incorrectly. If this common workout is performed properly it can engage your triceps, gluteus, chest, core, and shoulders.

To start this workout, you want to get on all fours on the ground. Your hands should be located directly under your shoulders, and your body should make the form of a straight line.

During the execution of this workout, you want to squeeze your abs and keep them contracted for the entirety of the workout. Now, that you are in the starting position you want to lower your chest as close to the ground as you possibly can.

Make sure that while performing this exercise your elbows are close to your upper body. After, your chest is close to the ground, you want to hold the position for a second and raise the body back up.

Skater Jumps

Skater Jumps exercise

Skater Jumps exercise

The skater jump is a great workout, because it keeps your heart rate up while working your gluteus, quads, and adductors.

Another unique thing about this workout is that it utilizes a side-to-side motion, whereas most individuals are used to a forward and backwards motion. This can really shake things up and force you to work muscles that you are not used to working.

To start this workout, you want to stand on your right foot while keeping the right knee slightly bent. You will place you left foot behind your right ankle, but the left foot must remain elevated.

You now want to jump off of the right foot and land on the left foot. Make sure that you bring the right foot behind the ankle, just as you did with the left foot.

You should repeat this exercise as many times, as possible to get the most out of the workout. It is also important to remember to land as softly, as possible on each foot to avoid injuries.

Squat Jump

Squat Jump exercise for women

Squat Jump exercise

A simple, but difficult exercise is the squat jump. This exercise is great for women that have been working out for a while, because it requires very strong leg muscles.

The only thing that you need to do is get into the correct position. Start by standing erect, place your feet your feet comfortably apart, be sure that you are able to balance your body appropriately. Now, simply squat down into a comfortable position and jump as far as you possibly can.

Of course, in the beginning you will not be able to jump very far, but over time, you will be able to make it a fair distance.

Calf Raise

Calf Raise exercise

Calf Raise exercise

The calf raise is a simple exercise that anyone can do and all you need to do is stand in the erect position and raise your heel up until you are tippy toeing.

The next step will be to lower the heel back down flat on the floor. Repeat this exercise 5-10 times, before taking a short rest.

High Knee

High Knee exercise

High Knee exercise

The high knee exercise is great for strengthening the biceps, gluteus maximus, rectus, and vastus lateralis. Just get into position, by standing erect.

The key to doing this exercise properly will be to raise the knee upwards until it touches the elbow on the same side. You alternate knees and elbows throughout the routine.

Bicycle Exercise

Bicycle Exercise

Bicycle Exercise

This is a floor exercise that does not require any type of equipment. Get into position, by lying flat on the floor, clasp your fingers together, and then place them on your chest.

Avoid putting your hands behind your neck, because this can potentially put your neck at risk of injury. Once you get into the proper position, you will simply lift your legs and replicate the bicycling motion.

Overhead Press

Overhead Press Exercise

Overhead Press Exercise

Those that wish to develop and sculpt their triceps or deltoids will definitely want to perform overhead presses. The good news is that you won’t need experience equipment to pull off this exercise. Just grab an empty bag and fill it up with heavy books, shoes or something equally heavy.

Once you’ve got the weight, you’ll want to stand up straight, puff out your chest and hold your weighted bag directly in front of your shoulders, so it rests on your collarbone. Now, push the bag straight upward, until your arms are fully extended. And finally, bring your arms back down.

Make sure you repeat this exercise at least ten times or until you cannot do it anymore. With a sufficient amount of weight, you’ll begin to feel the burn after a few reps.


Whether you’re interested in bulking up, losing weight or just improving your health, you’ll definitely want to incorporate strength training into your preexisting workout routine.

If you wish to push yourself and achieve the results you desire a little more rapidly, you’ll want to perform these exercises in correlation with bodyweight exercises.

By doing so and performing the two together three times a week or more, you’ll begin to see the results quickly and your health will improve substantially.