5 Best Ab Workouts for Men to Build Six Pack

Having a good looking physique is extremely attractive and perhaps the motive of this whole articles. Having six pack abs basically provides you the idea that you’re in optimal health shape.

You are in such a shape that anyone who sees you can say that you’re built better than others. This kind of physique not only provides you the confidence to perform better, but it also provides you the idea that you look good.

For getting yourself these 6 pack abs, you’re going to go through a complete change with better training and also better workout training.

5 Best Ab Workouts for Men to Build Six Pack

5 Best Ab Workouts for Men to Build Six Pack

Building six pack abs basically means that you are strengthening your core. These ab also exercises allow you to work on posture, stamina, and strength.

It’s not all really child’s play, and you’re getting the best built six packs only if you work harder, faster and better.

It’s very important for you to work on your strength by keeping in mind that you won’t really be working on a specific area only for getting that shape of your body.

Best diets Plan You Need For Proper Workout:

5 Best Ab Workouts for Men to Build Six Pack

  • Only make sure that you are intaking good carbs that are sometimes referred to as slow carbs making sure that white carbs are prohibited.
  • Such good carbs are found in things like rice, oats, and whole wheat products.
  • Make sure you’re getting the complete dose of green and fresh vegetables.
  • Lean meat should be on your list as well because of the protein and the muscle building factor that it carries.
  • Make sure you’re hydrated properly throughout the day.
  • Make sure you’re choosing your fats wisely. Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, and Fish oil are good fats that you need to consume to stay in better shape.
  • Lastly, make sure that your eating process is paced up just right so that you get hungry in every few passing hours.

But all doesn’t happen with the help of a diet and exercising is important as well. If you’ve heard about no pain no gain, you must connect to what I’m trying to say. Training hard will help you in training right for six pack abs.

5 Best Ab Workouts for Men to Build Six Pack

5 Best Ab Workouts for Men to Build Six Pack


Plank – Both normal and side styles plank

Plank exercises are perhaps the best ones that you need to follow if you need better-shaped abs for yourself. Plank is basically an exercise that strengthens your core to make sure that you are getting the right amount of pressure for draining fat and making sure you are completely shredded.

Basic Plank:

Basic Plank

How to do a Basic Plank?

  1. Start with you being in the push-up position. Both of your lower forearms sticking to the ground.
  2. Try tilting your pelvis and pushing your abdomen inside. Make sure only toes and forearms are touching the floor.
  3. Try staying in this position for as long as possible.Try increasing the time of your plank and start getting yourself even better results.

 Side Plank:

The method for the side plank is pretty much the same, and the only difference here is the fact that it focuses more on the sides. Try lifting your body up with one leg over another. This is basically a little harder, but the results are better as well.

There is a huge range of plank exercises that you need to focus on, but these twos are the main ones.

Crunches – Includes bicycles crunches, normal crunches, and reverse crunches

Crunches are perhaps the most famous workout that men use to shred fat. There are three kinds of crunches that are mostly used i.e., Normal, Bicycle, and reverse.

How to follow this Crunch program?

  1. Make sure you’re laying down on your back.
  2. Now try bending your knees with your hands right behind your head.
  3. After curling your back, try to lift the upper part of your body with force.
  4. Now, easily and slowly move back to the original position and restart the process.

Don’t ever try rushing when you’re doing your crunches. Easily go back down slowly and consider repeating. These are amazing exercises that need to be done carefully.

Bicycle Crunch:

When you curl back to your normal state, keep moving your legs in a motion that seems like you’re riding a bike. For attaining six pack abs, bicycle crunches are just the thing you need.

Reverse Crunch:

Try lying down flat on the floor and consider keeping your hand on your neck or head area. Raise your shoulder while pushing your knees towards your chest. Now let your knees travel out in the air and repeat the whole process again.

Ab Wheel Roll Out

As you’ve probably understood from it’s name, you need to realize that this focuses only on the abs. In fact on of best abdominal exercises are performed using an ab wheel.

How to follow this program?

  1. Start by placing your knees on the exercise mat.
  2. Now hold the knees with the help of your hands and draw your body out.
  3. Now try rolling back in and then out.
  4. Make sure that your knees get locked in the same area.

Leg raises and V-Ups

Leg raises are perhaps the easiest one that you’ll find in all of the ab training exercises. All you have to do is lie down straight and then raise your legs higher in the 90-degree angle. This basically develops your thigh muscles and works on your core ab muscles as well.

How to follow this program?

  1. Lie down on a flat surface. Now make sure your hands are behind your waist or under your thighs.
  2. Now raise your legs up in a perpendicular motion.
  3. Bring them down slowly and then let them rise again.
  4. Try repeating as many times as you can.

How to follow the V-Ups program?

  1. Try lying down on the mat.
  2. Slowly lift your legs together in the same motion.
  3. Form a V with your legs.
  4. Now return to the ground with the same position.

Make sure you apply this in the right manner as this will help you a lot.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are basically a blend between partly cardio and partly ab workout. With this exercise, you’ll be drenched in sweat and will drain fat easily. Focusing on fat burning and muscle building at the same time makes this the best exercise.

How to follow this program?

  1. Keep yourself in a push-up position when you start.
  2. Make sure your body and your arms are aligned.
  3. Don’t change your position and bring your knee forward towards your chest.
  4. Now slowly revert to your original position.
  5. Try repeating the same with the left leg.
  6. Slowly increase speed as if you’re climbing a mountain.

Make sure you follow all of these exercises to make sure that you are getting the most out of your trimming and muscle building process.